Xavier Boet, Barcelona 1973.

Xavier Boet graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1999. For the next two years, he continued studying and working in the world of graphic arts and screen printing. During this time he took courses in photography, his great passion, and graphic design, later working for Promotex as a photographer and graphic designer.

He continued to develop his experience studying the Master of Photography and Design at Elisava, School of Design and Engineering, and the Postgraduate Degree in Advertising and Corporate Photography at IEFC, Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, until he finished studying the Master in Digital Marketing at the Marketing Institute in Barcelona, thus completing his training. Since 2015 he works as a photographer and digital technician for fashion photography, portraiture and events.

His work has been shown in four solo exhibitions, «Mataró Anònim» Museu Art Contemporani Mataró, 2018; «Traveling Seeing» Barcelona, 2016-2017; «Human.Progreso» DigiFoto, Mataró, 2016-2017 and “Gràcia de Prop” Café del Sol, Barcelona, 2016; and has taken part in six group exhibitions with other photographers, "Invisibles" C.C. Las Arenas, Barcelona, 2016, «Fragments» DOCfield Festival, Center Cívic Pati LLimona, Barcelona, 2016, «(re) Visions» Can Framis, Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona, 2016, «Look (a) s» Frontó Colom, Barcelona , 2016; «Alumnos Exhibition» of Digifoto Mataró, 2015.



2015- Present Photographer and Digital Technician, Barcelona

2005-2019 Industrial Painting at ABB Equipaments, Mataró

2001-03 Photography and Graphic Design Promotex, Barcelona

1999-00 Industrial Screen Printing in Fasdel, Barcelona

1998-99 Apprentice of Calcographic Engraving in Jesús 14, Barcelona



2020 Master in Digital Marketing at Marketing Institute, Barcelona

2019 Postgrado en Fotografía Publicitaria y Corporativa en IEFC, Barcelona

2018-2019 Fotografía de Moda en IEFC, Barcelona

2018 Phase One Certified Professional at Tuset Studio, Barcelona

2017-18 Producción Fotográfica en IEFC, Barcelona

2017 Street Photography en DigiFoto, Mataró

2015-16 Máster en Fotografía y Diseño en Elisava, Barcelona

2015 Fotoreportage Contemporáneo “Calle 35”, en DigiFoto, Mataró

2001-02 Diseño Gráfico en CADisseny, Barcelona

2001 Fotografía Analógica en IDEP, Barcelona

2000 Revelado en B/N en Espai Fotografia Català Roca, Barcelona

1999 Serigrafía Industrial en Escoles Salesianes de Sarrià, Barcelona

1994-99 Licenciado en Bellas Artes, Facultat Sant Jordi de Belles Arts, Barcelona

1998 Serigrafía Artística en Arteleku, San Sebastián

1993-94 Dibujo y Pintura en Art Sarrià, Barcelona


Exposiciones Individuales

2018 «Mataró Anònim» at Museu Art Contemporani Mataró

2016-17 «Travelling Seeing» in Barcelona

2016-17 «Humano.Progreso» at DigiFoto, Mataró

2016 «Gràcia de Prop» at Cafè del Sol, Barcelona


Exposiciones Colectivas

2016 «Invisibles» at Centre Comercial Las Arenas, Barcelona

2016 «Fragmentos» DOCfield, Centre Cívic Pati LLimona, Barcelona

2016 «(re)Visiones» at Can Framis, Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona

2016 «Mirad(a)s» at Frontó Colom, Barcelona

2015 «Exposición Alumnos» of DigiFoto, Mataró


Premios y Certificaciones

Phase One Certified Professional (POCP 2018)

1999 Primer Premio en el IV Concurs Seriprint



POET#1 Junio 2016

POET#2 Junio 2017

POET#3 Septiembre 2019